Pedegree, hips and other necessary information

My international Pedegree can be checked here. --> click Jacko da Capo

I am from the German kennel of Illo Pietsch, called
Barbet da Capo. My parents are 

Grace da Capo with my Dutch father Nubie Aqua-Aura Quaciendas.



The French Day
To be approved by VBBFL for breeding, the Barbet has officially to be presented, measured and assessed. It takes place once a year in the breeding show, the so-called French-Day (Franzosentag), jugded by 3 judges of the VBBFL. On 16th of April 2016, Jacko took part.



Official height:                   59 cm

Bite:                                     complete scissor bite

Hair qualification:              excellent

Physique qualification:     excellent

Hip Examination

resulted on 09.06.2016):  both sides B, short HD-B/B


Jackos results of the "mydogdna" test (done in 2/2017) can be seen in the database of "mydogdna" (for registered users only). In a nutshell: everthing is fine, no problematic themes identified. Coefficient: 115.

Results of



each: clear / normal

Judge assessments (which are repeated) from various exhibitions at home and abroad:
- very nice male with strong bones
- very nice balanced male
- excellent angles, exquisite angles
- powerful movements in coming and going
- very nice movements, space-encompassing movement
- masculine head, dark eyes
- typical topline, very good headline, excellent top line
- correct rod, well set and worn
- good pigment
- friendly behavior; safe, attentive nature; shows himself friendly and safe in the ring


All jugdements can be found  here,